Student Midterm Feedback

Download a PDF of mid-term feedback from Academic Writing Freshman Seminar: Music and Scandal

Download a PDF of mid-term feedback from Music Theory, Aural Skills


Below is a summary of student feedback from mid-term Fall 2013 for Theory and Practice of Tonal Music I, Aural Lab (majors). 6 students total.

1=never; 5=always

1.      I understand what is expected of me in preparation and participation.

                        Five students circled 5; one student circled 4.

2.     I get clear responses to what I say in class; I find out how to improve.

                        All students circled 5.

3.     I feel encouraged to participate in section and respond to others.

                        All students circled 5.

 4.     The instructor treats students with respect.

                        All students circled 5.

 5.     The instructor effectively direct and stimulates discussion.

                        All students circled 5.

 6.     The instructor effectively encourages students to ask questions and give answers.

                        All students circled 5.

 7.     The instructor explains material clearly.

                        All students circled 5.

 8.     The instructor indicates important points to remember.

                        All students circled 5.

 9.     The instructor is effective in helping me learn.

                        All students circled 5.

 10.   The instructor adjusts the pace of the class to students’ understanding.

                        All students circled 5.

 11.    The instructor is effective in helping me learn

                        All students circled 5.


What do you like best about this course?

The extent we go to so we’re sure that we know the things covered.

Maintaining musical senses, instinct, encountering new melodies. Keeps my senses heightened.

Learning music theory.

I like that even if I make mistakes, particularly on the keyboard, that both the instructor and my classmates do not judge me. Also I love that I’m able to have fun in this class WHILE learning the material. Perfect combo!

I’m getting pushed to be more proficient at piano and sight reading. I am actually having to sing in front of people, which is becoming less stressful. I like lab more than lecture because we are putting ideas into practice.

It’s very organized and instructions are clear.


What would you like to change about this course (including instructors teaching)?

I would say, more student use of piano would be helpful.

Less keyboard/more time to learn and prepare for keyboard assessments.

I wish that all students would allow the instructor to teach, regardless of the students’ extensive prior knowledge of the material.

I feel like we could do more examples and practice run-throughs instead of talking about the things to do, and just keep going and then talk about strategies at the end.

I would like some more practice on particularly difficult ear training topics, but I also understand there’s only so much time in class.


What do you think the instructor’s greatest strengths are?

Sense of humor, comfort with material.

Leads the class so well.

She’s understanding and adjusts her teaching according to the student’s needs.She also cares about the students’ individual learning.

Sarah knows how to treat us with respect, teach us well, AND make us laugh…all at the same time.

Makes the class fun while staying on task, stays on track and has a great attitude.

Making sure all students understand the material, giving all students participation opportunities.